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About Real Estatement

Real Estatement offers the very best in luxury real estate, particulary castles in France. With 18 years of experience in this field we know how to select and present our proporties in todays market.


We know that the efficient and creative technology we developed, the way we present our properties, succeeds in giving our buyers - at first sight - an attractive and succesfull virtual encounter of the real estate they are dreaming about.


Apart from that, we speak the language of our buyers and we know that a professional and focused communication leads the way to success.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to serve and guide our clients through the whole process. From the first viewing through the final sale and beyond.


At Real Estatement we use sophisticated marketing tools and information that go above and beyond what potential buyers normally have access to. 

Why Choose Real Estatement To Sell Your Home

What we offer as standard to our sellers:


  • Aerial photography & videography of the property

  • Full HD video, interior and exterior

  • Full HD photographic package, interior and exterior

  • To-scale interactive floorplans

  • Worldwide audience, our website is viewed in over 30 different countries, every week!

  • YouTube & Vimeo exposure of the property 

About Us

Jeannette Leopold

Owner of Real Estatement

Jeannette Leopold, evolved herself by working on a high international level. In different positions and varied cultures – for quite some years she was the social secretary of the Dutch Ambassador in Washington - Jeannette learned that the world consists of people and not borders.

Through her experience with and proficiency of several languages, and her worldwide network, Jeannette is capable of assisting both sellers, buyers and investors buying extraordinary real estate in France. Next to that, Jeannette communicates easily and in a very natural way.

Frans Elemans, has a background in law and anthropology. Up until now he is a public affairs consultant, based in Amsterdam, mainly working in the cultural world and the world of hospitality. Frans is partner in Real Estatement since 2015 and is advisor in the field of turning around extraordinary real estate into a profitable, commercial enterprise.

Frans Elemans


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